We have the latest generation Cintel scanners with the ability to scan 35mm in 4k raw and HDR and 16 and s16mm in 2k raw and HDR.

The ability to make copies and transfers of all the formats we handle: We can convert from any format we handle to HD with Teranex equipment.

We handle any digital video file. AVI, QT, MPEG, DCP, IMX, IMF. RAW, SLOG.

HDCAM, HDCAMSR, all types of Betacam, D3, 3/4, DVCPRO 25 and 50, DVCAM, HDV. Hi8 and SVHS.


We are film restoration specialist. We have 2 Da Vinci Revival workstation.

We are film restoration specialist. We have 2  Da Vinci Revival workstation. And specialized tools in each color gradding suite with artificial intelligence for the removal of stripes, dust, noise and grain we take away what time left to the image allowing us to see the original quality

We have tools for Fairlight like Accon Restoration suite for noise reduction, and sound restoration.


Creating Digital Cinema Packages, DCI and DCP is one of our services.

The creation of DCP is the last step of film production for the distribution of a master in high resolution for projection in Digital Cinema rooms including in 2K 4K and 3D. At Digital Sprockets we carry out all kinds of projects from independent cinema, commercials, shorts, trailers even large productions.

As always offering the best quality and service at Digital Sporckets our motto is perfect until the last bit!

Color Grading

Four 4k Real time Da Vinci Resolve Studio suites in Mexico City and 1 4k suite in Los Angeles California.

Offering real-time color grading, calibrated displays, control surfaces and tools for restoring old or damaged material. With over 18 years of experience in the use of Da Vinci.

We can use any digital film camera format in  RAW and HDR also film 35mm and 16mm.

Film Restoration

Chosen by the International Jaguar of Arts, as winner of the 2018 JIA Arts Medal "Angel of the Independence of Mexico", in recognition of the quality of his work in restoring the films of the golden age of Mexican Cinema.

 Because your collection and/or new film project require the best quality down to the last bit, Digital Sprockets is for you...